For over three decades Neon Printers has placed one colourful block after another in it’s foundation to become a towering giant in the printing industry.

Our innovative quest for the optimum solution has placed us in the forefront of leading-edge technologies. Despite very humble beginnings, the company did not compromise on design, quality or delivery of service. In fact, meeting the needs of our dynamic customer base enabled us to develop quality solutions for a rapidly changing market place. The continued commitment to the modern print and business systems technology allows Neon Printers to produce work of the highest calibre. At Neon Printers we are committed to conserving our environment for future generations. All our inks are made from natural vegetable dyes and are fully recyclable. All our presses and plate makers are fitted with technology to recycle chemicals. Our commitment to the environment in turn encourages clients to also recycle.

Our people are pillars of strength in an industry operating on very strict and extremely demanding deadlines. Our staff complement in now twenty eight and their experience contributes to the provision of a high level of service

Our intellectual capital base is strengthened by offering employees growth opportunities through ongoing training and education.

Neon Printers management style is dynamic and flexible. The flexibility allows management to make timeous decisions in arriving at appropriate solutions. We have entered into several contracts with clients to implement Service Level Agreements. In this way we are able to add value to our growing customer base and meet their price, quality and delivery requirements.

We value our clients and are proud to have met the demanding needs of some of South Africa’s leading corporations.
Our entry into Lesotho landscape will be driven by the same commitment and energy that is synonymous with Neon Printers.
Today the company’s core activity is offering total business solutions from printing business forms, brochures, annuals and corporate stationery to providing aesthetically pleasing branded products for company functions and conferences. This is complemented through the sale of quality A4 copy paper and blank pre-printed continuous forms to stationers, corporate organisations and educational facilities.  We maintain a fine balance between our larger and smaller clients.

We also have a fully functional digital component, which affords us the opportunity to do full colour work on short runs. At Neon Printers we also have variable data capabilities and fully operational mailroom.